IO 1: The criteria catalogue

Theoretical basis

Practical application

Criteria catalogue for teachers

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In order to enable teachers to competently assess the quality of educational materials, the EU project "Inclusive educational materials in an international comparison" has developed a criteria catalogue. This catalogue allows teachers to professionalize the aforementoned task and process of selecting educational materials and media, all built upon an inclusion-oriented scientific basis.

currently only available in German and English

Criteria catalogue put into practice
on published educational materials

Here you will find videos in which a possible application of the criteria catalogue is demonstrated.


Testimonials from teachers

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To view the PDF version of the criteria catalogue for teachers, click on the preferred language:

Criteria catalogue for learners

In order to enable pupils to assess teaching materials on a well-founded basis, the ITM project offers a criteria catalogue that describes the criteria for evaluation in language suitable for learners of all age groups. This version of the catalogue is designed to be used independently by learners and children.