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Project goals

Project goals

It is the aim of the ITM project to have provided various products and outputs during the project period. The following section provides an overview of the respective products. Said products will have emerged from an approach based on international comparative research. Likewise, these products will be a result of the collaboration between researchers and practitioners as well as parents and students. Click on the different goals below to learn more about the products and for a more detailed insight into the results of our research. 


Development of a multilingual catalogue of criteria for evaluating inclusive teaching materials


Development of inclusive teaching materials


Publications of research results

The aim here is to develop a catalogue of criteria, available in several languages and thus usable throughout Europe. The catalogue is to be designed to help teachers and, if necessary, educational policy makers, in  evaluating already published teaching materials in terms of their inclusion-sensitivity. Both a general classroom context and subject-specific contexts are to be taken into account.

The aim here is to develop an ideal process model for developing and also adapting teaching materials, taking into account the specific circumstances of the respective school. In conjunction to this goal, materials for use in primary schools are also to be developed.

Publication of articles in journals appropriate to the subject matter, in particular within the field of educational science and didactics.


Implementation and evaluation of teacher training


Accompanying research to reflect the scientific process



The teacher training concept is intended to provide training programmes on using the catalogue of criteria and, in addition, on creating inclusive teaching material. The concept is developed as part of a multi-professional cooperation. Our project partners from BiSEd (Bielefeld School of Education) and governmental school authorities provide a crucial level of support here.

Study that is triangulative and reflects the scientific process behind our work. The study is being carried out as part of a doctoral project at Bielefeld University. The result of this work will be a book publication.

An exchange and collegial feedback are enormously important for the process. We welcome feedback on the project or on the created materials and invite you to join our efforts and suggest material for review.

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