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Introduction to teachers: internal training including teaching materials

The planned advanced training concept for teachers, which is also potentially to be implemented in the degree programs of student teachers, is based on the assumption that the teachers should carry out theoretical background knowledge as well as practical experience and transfer activities. So far, conceptual considerations in particular have been formulated; an important aspect will be the application of criteria in teacher training. It was also pointed out that the development of teaching materials should be an important aspect of teacher professionalization, also taking new media into account. Furthermore, the teacher training concept will make use of models and explanatory approaches from the fields of specialist sciences and specialist didactics, psychology, primary school education, special education, highly gifted research and intercultural education, among others. In the area of empirical findings, evaluation results on (subject-didactic) teaching concepts as well as study results from the area of empirical inclusion research, among others, are of relevance.

Overview of the modules

Module 1:


Inclusion-sensitive school and teaching development in general

Module 4:

Process model for creating inclusion-sensitive educational materials

Module 2:


Inclusion-sensitive educational materials

Module 5:  

International perspectives

Module 3:


Criteria for the evaluation of inclusive educational materials

Module 6:



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