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So far, the data collection has been carried out in the multi-stage process, a research methodology has been developed theoretically and carried out in practice. There were  Group discussions were held with teachers and school administrators at all project locations. The project partners acted as advisory bodies in this process. At the moment, as part of the data evaluation, the examination of the interviews is carried out by means of qualitative content analysis.  

The work on the accompanying study also produced essential preparatory work for the conceptual foundation of the teacher training courses.

Inclusive learning in different European countries (Christoph Bierschwale & Prof. Dr. Michaela Vogt)

Inclusive teaching material (Christoph Bierschwale & Prof. Dr. Michaela Vogt)

ECER 2021 Online, Symposium

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Information about the accompanying study is provided by Christoph Bierschwale. Contact information can be found here.

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