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Zentrale Ergebnisse


As part of an international comparative research design, group discussions were held with mathematics teachers at the primary level.

After the content analysis of the group discussions, six criteria emerged that characterize an inclusive educational medium in the subject of mathematics, including the structure, individualization, collaborative learning, conceptualization, e.g. B. Relation to principles of mathematics teaching, mathematical task culture and metacognitive support.

The findings presented in the form of the catalog of criteria offer impulses for the professionalization of material selection and the development of inclusive educational media.

The end:

Bierschwale, C., Vogt, M., Andersen, K. - N., Bagger, A. & Macchia, V. (2020). Quality criteria of inclusive educational media in mathematics - Theoretical and empirical framework conditions k: ON -Kölner Online Journal für Lehrerbildung2,2 / 2020, S. 1 25. DOI: https: // .

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