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About the project

During the last years the process to implement inclusion has been increasingly driven forward in Europe. Importantly, different parts of education systems have been improved in regard to education policy, and general school practice. Improvement can also be seen on an academic level. As a result, developments of new models for inclusive didactics, training programmes for teachers, as well as a general discussion about the meaning of an inclusive school have started and already led to some changes.

In contrast to this development, this level of attention is scarce with respect to inclusive teaching materials that can be used in inclusive school settings. What seems to be missing here are publications of effective and usable inclusive materials which are based on academic research, as well as tools and a set of criteria to help assess the quality, inclusion-sensitivity and utility of already published materials, that often carry the label “inclusive”.

The starting point of the project is an international comparative study which, with the help of the project partners, analyses teaching materials, compiles evaluation criteria and develops inclusive teaching materials itself, all whilst upholding values of inclusion, stemming from the respective countries.

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The ITM project is designed for 36 months and will run from 09/2018 - 08/2021. The approved amount for the project is: 403,000 Euros. The project is generously supported by the DAAD National Agency. More information on the use and dissemination of the project results can be found on the Erasmus+ Project Result Platform website.

Take a look at our project brochure (German) and our project presentation for more info.

The project will create various products or outputs during the project period. The following section provides an overview of the corresponding products. All these products are processed from an international comparative research approach and result from the collaboration between researchers: inside and practitioners: inside as well as parents and students: inside. If you click on the different goals you will be redirected to the products and there you will get a more detailed insight into the research results. 



Development of a multi-lingual criteria catalogue for the evaluation of inclusive educational materials


Development of inclusive educational materials


Publications and
Key-Note presentations


Hosting and evaluating teacher training programs


Complementary study to reflect on the scientific process

The aim is to develop a catalog of criteria that can be used internationally in Europe and is published in several languages. Based on the presentation of exemplary teaching materials, this catalog can be used to help teachers and, if necessary, educational policy-makers to evaluate offers for school lessons that are already available on the market. Both interdisciplinary and subject-specific criteria are to be taken into account.

The aim is to develop an ideal process model for the development and adaptation of appropriate teaching materials, taking into account the specifics of local schools. Based on this, materials for use in primary schools will be developed.

Publication of articles in professional journals, especially educational and didactic journals.

The teacher training concept is intended to impart knowledge on how to use the criteria catalog. In addition, teachers will be taught how to create inclusive teaching materials. The development of the concept is carried out within the framework of a multiprofessional cooperation. Our project partners from BiSEd and the school authorities provide important support here.

A study, which is triangulated and reflects the scientific process. The study is being conducted as part of a doctoral project at Bielefeld University. The result of this work will be a book publication.

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