ITM: About the project

During the last years the process to implement inclusion has been driven forward in Europe. Especially, the situation in different parts of the education systems has been improved for example in education policy, school practice and on an academic level. Therefore, new trainings for teachers and models for inclusive didactics has been developed as well as a general discussion about the meaning of an inclusive school has started and already led to some changes.

In contrast, no consideration is found on the level of inclusive teaching materials that can be used in inclusive school settings. Both, publications of good inclusive materials that are based on academic research and criteria to assess the quality and usefulness of inclusive teaching material easily are lacking.

The fundament of the project is an international study which collects and compares inclusive teaching materials as well as assessment criteria with a focus on primary education in the countries mentioned. Therefore, regular meetings with all project partners will be arranged.

The ITM project is designed for 36 months and runs from 09/2018 - 08/2021. The approved amount for the project is: 403,000 euro. The project is generously supported by the National Agency DAAD. Further information on the use and dissemination of the project results can be found on the Erasmus + Project Result Platform website.

Project aims

  • 01/

    Development of inclusive teaching materials

    Based on the multilingual criteria catalogue
    Partners from Sweden, Italy and Luxembourg as Experts within the process
    Final compilation of the products takes place in Bielefeld


  • 02/

    Entwicklung von inklusiven Unterrichtsmaterialien

    Es soll ein ideales Prozessmodell zur Entwicklung und Adaptation entsprechender Unterrichtsmaterialien unter Berücksichtigung schullokaler Spezifika entstehen. Darauf aufbauend sollen Materialien für den Einsatz im Primarschulbereich entwickelt werden.

  • 03/

    Development of a multilingual criteria reader which can be used in all European countries

    Criteria catalogue contains important criteria for evaluating ITM (focus: primary education)
    Catalogue addresses teachers, students, parents and also should serve as basis and reference for the development of ITM
    The catalogue will be available in French, Swedish, German, Italian and English


  • 04/

    Organisation and evaluation of training courses for teachers

    Development of guidelines for teachers to estimate publisher products that are available and develop own teaching materials based on scientific criteria.

  • 05/


    Studie, die triangulativ angelegt ist und den wissenschaftlichen Prozess reflektiert. Die Studie wird im Rahmen eines Promotionsprojekts an der Universität Bielefeld angefertigt. Ergebnis dieser Arbeit wird eine Buchpublikation sein. 


Project partners

J´Prof. Dr. Michaela Vogt
Project leader
Bielefeld University

Prof. Dr. Michaela Vogt's research focuses on theory and history of inclusion and inclusive schooling, inclusive teaching materials, historical educational research and Comparative educational research between Germany, Canada and New Zealand.

Anette Bagger_4.jpg
Prof. Dr. Anette Bagger
Örebro University

Prof. Dr. Anette Bagger is Associate Senior Lecturer at the School of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences, Örebro University. Anette Bagger has a background as a primary school teacher in Science and Mathematics in grades 3-9, special education teacher and counselor at the Special Education School Authority (SPSM). Interests and focus areas have been school development and promoting equity in the opportunities to learn for all students.

Annemarie Ardemagni
Grundschulsprengel Bozen

We cooperate with the  Grundschulsprengel Bozen, represented by Annemarie Ardemagni, her experience in inclusive learning settings and devlopment of inclusive teaching materials is of great importance for the project. 

Katharina Krenig
Bildungs- & Generationszentrum

Katharina Krenig is the Headmaster of the  Bildungs- und Generationszentrum Arnstein. The school has profound experience in the development of high quality inclusive teaching material.

Christoph Bierschwale
Project coordination
Bielefeld University

Christoph Bierschwale's research focuses on inclusive teaching materials, inclusive school development, inclusive didactics and on inclusive teacher trainings.

Prof. Dr. Katja Andersen
University of Luxemburg

Prof. Dr. Katja Andersen is Associate Professor in Primary Science Education at the Faculty for Language and Literature, Humanities, Arts and Education at the University of Luxembourg. Her research focuses on primary science learning and teaching, inquiry-based science education, STEM competencies, and science learning in multilingual contexts.

Prof. Dr. Vanessa Macchia
University of Bozen

Prof. Dr. Vanessa Macchia's research focuses on inclusive didactics and the theory of inclusion.

Doris Grimm
Schulamt Main-Spessart

The "staatliche Schulamt Main-Spessart" is represented by the director Doris Grimm developed inclusive teacher trainings.

Cooperation partners

We are thankful for the expertise from the following institutions and scientists

​Bielefeld School of Education (BiSEd)
Represented by Dr. Renate Schüssler and Nadine Auer. The BiSEd has great experience and knowledge about inclusive teacher trainings.

Die Laborschule Bielefeld
The Laborschule (literally: “laboratory school”) in Bielefeld is the state experimental school in the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

Lernwerkstatt, Bielefeld University
Represented by Dr. Brigitte Kottmann. Has a broad collection of inclusive teaching material, especially for primary Education and provides a learning environment for students and teachers.

Prof. Dr. Annette Textor leads the scientific institute of the laboratory school. Her research is focused on inclusive schol development and inclusice didactics.

Prof. Dr. Susanne Miller is Professor of primary eduaction at Bielefeld University. Prof. Millers research is focused on heterogenous learning environments.  

​Prof. Dr. Annemarie Augschöll Blasbichler from the free University of Bozen. Her research focuses on historical education studies.

​We are thankful for the cooperation with the StiEL Project, represented by Prof. Dr. Ulrich Bauer, Dr. Paulo Pinheiro, Sandra Kirchhoff and Frau Sanja Markovic at Bielefeld University.



Prof. Dr. Michaela Vogt

Christoph Bierschwale

Bielefeld University

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