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IO overarching measures

Interim reports​

The interim reports provide information on the progress of the project at regular intervals. In doing so, not only the progress with regard to the IOs is assessed, but information is also given about dissemination measures.


Visualization of the project progress ​​

The project progress is based on so-called Gantt charts  visualized. The clear presentation shows the development of eg IOs on a monthly basis. The Gantt chart serves as a control instrument and as a source of information for external parties.

Regular project meetings and minutes

The project consortium meets at regular project meetings to discuss the progress of the project. We reflect on common products and assess and improve the quality. Future plans are also discussed and prepared. Due to the Corona crisis, the project meetings are now mostly carried out digitally.

Promotion of young talent and observation

The project also offers opportunities to promote young talent by promoting doctoral projects. Bachelor and master theses are also offered and carried out on the project. Students are referred to the individual locations in the context of internships.

Information through the homepage

The homepage offers a detailed insight into the project and introduces the individual products. It is also possible to book teacher training courses.

Presentation at internal faculty events

At internal faculty colloquia, the project is discussed with Kolleg: Inside and validated with arguments.

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