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IO 2 Prozessmodell

Scientific evaluation

The products of the project are used on the basis of established evaluation instruments and further developed in the context of data evaluations.

Multiple revision loops

As part of the project, the materials will also be further developed through several revision loops, e.g. by using materials at the individual locations and discussing them with stakeholders.

Based on a process model

The teaching materials developed are based on a scientific process model that was presented at international conferences. The model provides the scientific basis for the development activities.

Discussion at all project locations

There is a regular exchange with external scientists: Inside. The exchange is sought both in the faculties of the individual project locations and external scientists are included.

Discussion online through the homepage

The homepage offers various feedback mechanisms that enable us to obtain feedback and use it to improve quality.

Meeting with teachers

The teaching material is also discussed with teachers and further developed. The teacher training courses are also used for this purpose.

Discussion in seminars and training courses

The teaching material is also discussed with students and teachers outside the project consortium.

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