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IO 1 Kriterienkatalog

Discussion at international congresses

The project is regularly presented and discussed at national and international congresses. In particular, central project results should be presented and feedback should be obtained. The project has participated in many international conferences, e.g. at WERA, AERA and ECER .

Meeting with children

The project results are also discussed and discussed with children. Individual products are also prepared and distributed in an understandable manner for children.

Meeting with teachers

The products are also discussed and further developed with teachers. The teacher training courses are also used for this purpose.

Discussion with colleague: inside

There is a regular exchange with external scientists: Inside. The exchange is sought both in the faculties of the individual project locations and external scientists are included .

Meeting in the project team

The project consortium meets at regular project meetings to discuss the progress of the project. We reflect on common products and assess and improve the quality. Future plans are also discussed and prepared. Due to the Corona crisis, the project meetings are now mostly carried out digitally.

Application and testing in classroom practice

Products such as the catalog of criteria and the process model are further developed in exchange in the school through feedback from teachers, students, and parents. The development takes place at all project locations.

Discussion in seminars and training courses

In the context of seminars and training courses, discussions are held with students and teachers and feedback is obtained.

Survey of the state of research

As part of the accompanying study, research statuses on the research topics are recorded in an international framework.

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